Professional Development

On September 11 I attended the Fall Career Fair in the Pavilion. The fair offered over 100 different employers for students to meet with. Many of the employers were offering either part-time or full time employment, as well as internships, to the upperclassmen at the event. In terms of Freshman opportunities, the Career Fair was very limited. Understandably so as very few freshman even have resumes for the employers. I was, however, impressed with the effort made to make Freshman students feel welcomed at the event. Personally, I like being able to see the where my course of studies can lead me. I tend to be goal oriented, and seeing upperclassmen that were in my shoes a couple of years ago looking for jobs got me excited. I met with four different employers while I was at the event. The first was the Princeton Review because I have experience tutoring for the SATs. I was absolutely terrified to talk to them because i really had nothing to say so this made it a little easier. The woman I talked to told me about job opportunities in the city tutoring high school kids, and told me to give her a call when I had a method of transportation. This gave me a little confidence boost so I went and talked to New York LIfe and PwC. Both were very helpful and informative but I had much more interest in Deloitte. The man I met from Deloitte was either a recent graduate or Senior at Villanova and we talked for quite a while. He talked about choosing a major, internships, and job opportunities, and also gave me advice and stories of his time in the business school. After we talked he introduced me to the young talent scout for Deloitte and the three of us talked about what they look for in students and what I could do to get myself involved with Deloitte. They were extremely helpful and made my experience pretty great. After the Career Fair I was much more confident in my choice to go to the Business School here at Villanova. I was not sure if it was the career path I wanted, but my time at the fair showed me what my life could be like a few years down the road.